Twas For Told ~

Guess the era for blogging is completely phased out with social media like FB / Twitter. Come to think back of the days where dear netizens would still create posts or even write their thoughts on the blogs are almost gone, left were the few survivors with proper / popular contents.

Well, using this forgotten technology to write my own piece of mind is quite .. hmm not sure if I know the right word, but describing it would be 'The feeling of sitting alone on a boat in the middle of Loch Ness' - scary yet tranquil. It reminds people of how big the world could be and how tiny you are. Sounds abit melancholic though, yet sometimes its feels good to be overwhelmed by emotions and feelings, the exact feeling of being washed away by strong waves, you'll choke eventually but know for sure you'll be able to go through it.

Well, if you continue to read on, this post has no proper direction of what I'm trying to convey, but if you can extract some data and make it your philosophy well, that's great. Still i guess, its pretty much of a rubbish. I won't be deleting it. Like I say, its a tranquil environment to me.


Don't hold to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from love.


Anger, hurt and pain are three of the strongest feelings a human could ever feel which often leads to tragedies. Therefore, do take note the importance of the quote, do not let anger, pain or hurt eat you up.

Whenever these 3 feelings of emotions are there, be alone or altogether, just think about love, think about people that cared for you, think about that loved you.

Karte. CXI

Holidays for Me

  • laughing out loud
  • speak our minds
  • walk around town chatting and laughing
  • joking at things happening around us
  • cold, silence
  • alot of walking, less talking
  • being shun away
  • enclosed with our own little universe of thinking
Holidays .....


Updates, updates, updates

Oh well its been another few months since i've written on the blog again, as for me, a lot have been going on.

Its not easy to embrace this new phase of life after graduating, I noticed that being a fresh graduate and a fresh/noob work person can be quite challenging.

In the perspective of financial wise, I guess its one of the biggest struggle, given a salary which is just enough to make it through the month sometimes made it very hard to have savings. Its with savings only we can plan for the future but i guess again i'm trying to rush things through. Anyways, still looking and trying hard to budget budget budget =)

Well as for work matters and work load, i pretty much enjoy what i'm doing currently, though sometimes it could get a little messy and complicated but its going through the challenges and setting the complications straight thats what gives the satisfaction =) . Though easier said, but still i know i have loads/piles/heaps to pick up in order to get me to where i want to be one day.

Aside from the above, everything is pretty fine with me just that i'm lack of gym, gaining fats a lot *always get the comment "ei you fat ad" -.- ''''.

Oh ya, anyways i promised someone to write about her, and I'm looking forward to seeing her as I post this blog =) hope you'll read this hee^^


Events Update

1.) After graduation, went to Langkawi, had a blast with my uni buddies =)
2.)Came back from 'grad vakey', started training in Shah Alam for Dell
3.)Amidst training, had a farewell party for mah buddy Bell, gonna miss her hell lots! ++ had a crazy blast time with my buddies, looking forward for it again!

4.)Left 2/3 weeks to train in Shah Alam
5.)Looking forward to be back in Cyber
6.)Looking forward for my convocation =)

6.)Missing hell lots of my 'Pattayaz Gang'
7.)Plans to go on vakey with muah buddies again =)


Problem With Posting

Have you ever faced the problem of sitting in front of the computer and thinking what to write in your blog? Well I am one of them, as I am not an everyday blogger, but sometimes to produce an article which is nice with subtle content its just difficult. It doesn't occur to me to write anything when I wanted to write something.

I guess you all must be thinking, since I'm so reluctant to write, why start a blog? Well the reason is simple, I want to maintain something, or I would say its a past time, therefore my posts are rather random.

The issue starts here, actually i believe i could be quite a good blogger, as my them says 'Philosophies that runs within our veins', I have them just that when it comes to realizing it on the blog it takes time to extract my thoughts on typing into this simple text box.

Everyday i spend 2 hours in the car, I noticed a lot about people on the road. And each time i noticed them I wanted to instantly write it down on my blog because after a long day of work I would have forgotten that matter. Besides of noticing people, I also cropped up a lot of thoughts about the society, nation and what is going on around us. Take example, for the most reason case about the BHP incident, it was a tragic accident and us being the society didn't even helped out due to our cautious thinking.Its just something to ponder about as a an example.

So there you have it, if our internet connection were to be faster in our country and we do not need to pay a hefty price for mobile internet I do think our nation would be able to produce better bloggers with their own thoughts and express it globally.


English? Manglish More ..

chee: just now got 3 cars accident
infront my vi then middle proton saga then behind is satria
the satria bang the proton until it went under it hahaha

*the above language is what i used to describe an accident to my friend ... totally broken, and i don't know how I got the style of writing that way... I guess its the effect of bad practice chatting online since lower secondary days .. well to make up to it

refined version

I witnessed an accident earlier along a highway as I was on my way back from work. The accident involved 3 cars.
From what I witnessed, the first car, a Myvi was hitted from behind by a Proton Saga and followed up by a Proton Satria. The MyVi wasn't badly damaged then were only a small area dented compared to the Proton Satria because the hood of the Proton Satria was stucked beneath the bonnet of the 2nd car, Proton Saga.


somehow i think that my refined version gives out more information compare to my 'chatting' version. Oh well .. moral of the story is, don't tail gate other cars too near, we would not know what's happening in front.

Drive safe people =)